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Bike Locks: Choosing The Right One

One of the most common problems now a days is that thousands of bicycles get stolen every year all around the world. Cases of bikes being stolen have been rampant due to its increasing popularity as an alternative for a cleaner and easy transportation. This is why there is a need for bike locks which are also popular and has a wide range of selections in the market.

Although you must also keep in mind that simply buying the first bike lock you see is not recommended if you want the best security for your bicycle. First things first, an unbreakable bike lock does not exist. No matter the type of lock you buy, with the correct tools and techniques, it can be broken. But using good locks would put a big risk on the thieves.

The quality of the lock solely depends on how much you invested on it. You will have a higher chance of securing your bike if you invest a lot on your bike locks. It is a small price to pay to prevent a much more expensive loss.

A wide range of bike locks which includes seat or wheel skewers, cable locks, U-locks, chain locks and a lot more can be bought in the market. We will discuss each type of lock individually for us to understand how each work and what type suites your needs the best.

First we will be discussing the U shaped lock which is of course the U-lock. This lock has one of the most popular designs and offers the strongest security. This lock is usually used to secure bikes from hard tools like hammers. You should consider buying a U-lock that has a small ‘U’. Preventing any tool from being inserted into the horseshoe shaped lock and giving it leverage is the main goal of the U-lock. The U-lock comes in different sizes so be sure to pick the lock that is small enough for your bike.

Another great lock is the cable lock. Although quite adaptable, they offer less security compared to the U-locks. If you live in an area that has a low to moderate crime rate and is looking to save money, the cable lock is your best option. If you are looking to add on your bike’s security, you can combine the cable lock with the U-locks.

Chain locks are similar to cable locks. Some important factors when buying chain locks are the size and the toughness. This type of bike lock is built in a special chain design. You should also make sure that the lock is as strong as the chains. This is an ideal choice if you want to secure your bike at home as it is too heavy to carry around.

Finally we have the seat and wheel skewers. Compared to the chain locks, these are ideal when you go out as they are very light and easy to carry around. But the disadvantage this lock has over the others is that it can be easily broken. But these are widely used in high crime rate areas as they require special types of tools to break open.

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