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Ways of Stopping Telemarketers from Bugging You

Robocalls and telemarketers can be very aggravating, especially if you are interrupted while attending to important matters and you have to get the call.These calls break your privacy laws and steal your time. Thus, if telemarketers are irritating you and they do not have your approval, there are many ways to make them stop calling you.Here are some of the techniques that you can use to stop robocalls for good.

First, add your number to The National Do Not Call Registry. The Federal Trade Commission designed this list to try and prevent callers from calling people who do not have the patience to listen to marketing pitches. Today, the Do Not Call List has registered over 60 million people who have their numbers there.Once you involve The Federal Trade Commission in stopping telemarketers from bugging you, telemarketers are supposed to remove your phone number from their calling list within four weeks.If they do not adhere to this, they are subject to penalties you for bugging you with calls.

Blocking their numbers is another way of stopping robocals for good. In the past, this used to be often done, but nowadays service providers are limiting the service. You can check the white pages, or you can just call your telephone service provider to see if they can do something about these calls. Afterwards, you can block these robocalls that do not seem to stop calling you.

If you are receiving robocalls on your mobile phone, you should know that this is illegal.There are many ways to prove how this is illegal, but one of the most important explanations is that you get to incur the cost of incoming calls. Thus if you receive such calls, you should inform them that they are calling a mobile phone number and they should, therefore, stop calling. Don’t forget to file a complaint to your mobile service provider if the robocall numbers appeared on your caller ID.

If the telemarketers are still bugging you with calls even after adding your phone number on the national, do not panic; you can fix this using another way you can fix this. Although you may not get anywhere with it, it is worth trying. These problematic numbers have been listed on some websites. Telemarketers and robocalls can be blocked from calling you through these websites. These websites create much attention that compels these companies to stop calling people frequently to safeguard their names. These tips will assist you in stopping robocalls.

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